Sturdy full grain leathers

Our belts will not practically stretch, nor crack, nor dye your pants. Using modern “technologies” it is not so easy to distinguish natural leather from products using additives. We control the quality of the product and also the wholeness and naturalness of the skin.

Thousands of satisfied customers:

Just got the belt and am very pleased with it so far. It looks like great quality and that it was built good. So glad I stumbled upon this belt/brand. I bought a different belt off amazon like 6 months ago and it was clear that it was a cheap china made belt. It smelled like chemicals straight out of the package and was unusually stiff too - pretty much trash already after only after 6 months. This belt had no chemical smell whatsoever and you can tell it’s real genuine leather and a genuine product. So much so that I actually just ordered another one in a different color(just bought another blue 1.5” belt. The one I just received and am reviewing is the black 1.35” belt). It’s amazing how much money some companies make by flooding the market with crappy products while honest companies like this one are hidden gems. Thank you very much solid leather goods for an awesome product!

George M

All belts from Solid Leather Goods features:

✔10 oz or 8 oz full grain leather;
    ✔high quality anti-allergy buckles;
      ✔original stylish gift box;
        ✔free instrument for easy adjustment;
          ✔impeccable quality of our products;
            ✔made in Ukraine.